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Canyon related questions

1. What level of experience is required to participate at the RIC?

RIC is a sports event for autonomous canyoneers who must have the technical knowledge and skills to descend the canyons of Agua Blanca.  In this link you can find the necessary information about each canyon.

2. Will the RIC organization provide any technical equipment?

No, you need to carry your personal protection equipment as in any other canyon expedition. In this link you will find the necessary information and canyon descriptions.


Collective gear.  It is necessary that each group or individual carry their own ropes, self-rescue equipment and any other gear you consider necessary for sport descents.  RIC organization will not provide any ropes.  Although the canyons are properly equipped for sport descents, so we recommend to bring your rope protection devices to use if you consider necessary at some point. We also recommend to bring your individual and/or collective first aid kit as in any other sport descent.  In case you don’t want to travel with your first aid kit or you forget something you can find drug stores in Agua Blanca.

3. Can I buy technical equipment at Agua Blanca?

There are no specialized stores in Agua Blanca, however some sponsors may sell some gear at the venue.

4. How thick my canyoning wetsuit should be?

We recommend to wear complete 3 to 5 mm wetsuit and any windbreaker jacket you use for canyoning



5. How the weather is expected to be on November at Agua Blanca?

You can expect cool weather at Agua Blanca in November, with temperatures from 50-53°F at night to maximum 72-77°F at noon. It can be rainy so please consider appropriate clothes.

6. What security measures is the RIC organization considering?

  • Each participant must have a medical insurance that covers any accident during canyoning.  RIC organization will provide information but it is responsibility of the participants to hire a proper insurance.
  • RECAM (Canyon rescue association) will be assisting during the event.
  • There will be 3 Red Cross paramedics at the venue.
  • RIC organization will be available everyday at the venue to provide any information about the canyons and safety recommendations.
  • There will be an available ambulance during the event.

7. Is there any age restriction for the RIC?

Participants must be 18 years old (Mexican legal age) or older.

8. How can I know the difficulty level for each canyon?

You can find the information about the canyons in this link.

9. Can I find a beginner’s course at the RIC?

As part of the RIC there will be technical talks and workshops, but this should not be considered as a course nor training.  Please keep in mind that RIC is organized for autonomous canyoneers.

Travel related questions

10. Is there going to be food available at the RIC venue or should I bring my own?

At the RIC venue you will find a food court, coffee shop and bar.  RIC organization is inviting local shops to offer their products at the venue. You can find several restaurants, markets and stores at Agua Blanca.  Some lodging alternatives as cabins or bed and breakfasts are equipped with kitchens so you can also prepare your own food.

11. What kind of food will be available at the venue?

You can find coffee shop, bar and food court with Mexican food and a varied daily menu. Suppliers will try to provide vegetarian alternatives. Agua Blanca restaurants not normally offer vegetarian food, but you may ask for an alternative vegetarian dish.

12. How much does everyday food would cost in Agua Blanca?

You can find a complete lunch or dinner between $2.50 to $8 usd.

13. What services will be available at the camping area?

    • WC
    • Shower with hot water
    • Rest area
    • Security during the day
    • Parking

14. What will the lodging situation be like close to the venue?

You can find all necessary information in this link.

15. How can I get from Mexico City airport to Agua Blanca?

You can find all necessary information in this link.

16. Is there mobile or internet service at the venue?

Yes, Agua Blanca and RIC Venue have mobile and internet service. There is limited or no signal in the canyons.

17. Can I buy a local chip to have internet service?

If you are traveling from another country you may have roaming service, but to avoid paying high roaming fees, you can purchase a local SIM card. We recommend that you check the compatibility of your mobile device.

18. What kind of power plugs are available in Agua Blanca?

Mexican common power is 127V, frequency 60 Hz. Plug ins are the same for almost all American countries and some Asian. If you are visiting from Europe we recommend to bring your adapter (not available in Agua Blanca). You can find adaptors at Mexico City or Airport.

19. Do I need to bring cash? Where can I buy Mexican pesos?

Please consider that local food suppliers don’t necessarily have card terminals so we recommend you bring cash.

20. Where can I buy Mexican pesos?

It can be complicated to find an exchange house in Agua Blanca, so we recommend you to buy Mexican pesos at Mexico City (it can be at the airport if you are traveling from there) or any other city before Agua Blanca.

21. Do I need to rent a car?

It is not indispensable since RIC organization will offer transport to the canyons, but if you want to have free mobility from your lodging to the RIC facilities and to the canyons you can rent a car. Most of the canyons are accessible in any car.  At the RIC organization we will do our best to provide the most efficient transport, using planned routes to bring and pick up people to the canyons, but please keep in mind that there might be some waiting times, especially for picking up canyoneers, we will do our best to keep it the shortest possible

22. Is my driver license valid in Mexico?

Yes, you can use your country drivers license in Mexico and it will be accepted in case you rent a car, but we recommend to check the requirements of each rental company.

25. Do I need a visa to enter México?

You can find migration information in this link.

26. Do I need any special vaccine to enter Mexico?

The current laws in Mexico do not require foreign tourists to have any vaccinations. However, there are a series of vaccinations that it is advisable to have in order to enjoy a peaceful vacation.

Tetanus-diphtheria. If you have received it before, it is convenient that you review your vaccination calendar, since a booster should be applied every 10 years.
Hepatitis A. This disease is related to an infection in the liver. Hepatitis A can also be spread through food, water or objects contaminated with HAV.
Typhoid fever. This disease can affect several organs and is transmitted through food or beverages prepared by people carrying the mycobacterium. Therefore, it is important to be cautious about hygienic conditions when consuming food and beverages.

27. Is there any Covid-19 requirements to travel to Mexico or to the RIC?

No, there are no current requirements in relation to Covid-19. However the situation may change at any time, we recommend that you keep an eye on global recommendations and read our terms and conditions regarding refunds and cancellations.

28. If I go less days, can you reduce the registration fee?

No. The RIC brings together a large number of participants, who make a personal effort to attend every day of the event, so we decided not to offer packages for fewer days. You can go for less days but the entrance fee will be the same as any other participant.

29. Does the organization provide transportation from the capital of the country to the event venue?

No. The organization will not provide transportation from Mexico City or any other capital city. In the Travel information section you can find indications to facilitate your transportation in an easy and safe way.

30. Will the organization provide transportation from the lodgings to the event venue?

Transportation routes will be established at specific times from the hotels and cabins to the venue, and from the venue to the canyons, however if you want more freedom of mobility and schedule, we recommend renting a vehicle for your personal use.

The information presented is a support material for the visitor, and has been compiled with the objective of helping them to plan their trip.

Please see terms and conditions of the event.


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