November 1-10, Agua Blanca de Iturbide, Hidalgo.

RIC 2024 International Canyoning Meeting

Where Mexican culture and passion for canyoning meet

RIC Mexico 2024

The anticipated annual event that gathers canyoning enthusiasts around the world

RIC Mexico 2024 starts in:

Why Attend RIC?

RIC is the annual international canyoning meeting supported by the International Federation of Canyoning (FIC) The RIC is a well-known and recurrent event. It occurs every year in the best canyoning places around the world. Every year people from the five continents join the RIC to share their passion, know-how and culture.

Meet people from all over the world who share your passion for canyoning.

Learn new techniques, products and skills related to sports from experts.

Explore and visit new destinations to practice canyoning.

Where will the event be located?

The base camp of RIC Mexico 2024 will be Club Xel a non-profit organization dedicated, among other tasks, to the exploration, dissemination and conservation of the natural and cultural wealth of the Otomí Tepehua mountains of the states of Hidalgo and Veracruz.

Located in the municipality of Agua Blanca de Iturbide, in Hidalgo, Mexico, it is a destination with tourist attractions such as its traditional architecture, springs, crystalline rivers and large waterfalls, as well as its delicious local cuisine. It is an ideal destination to enjoy nature, history and Mexican culture surrounded by fellow canyoners.

Who Should Attend to RIC México 2024?

Who Should Attend?

The international meeting brings together autonomous and independent canyoners from all over the world, with good technical knowledge and physical condition (it is NOT an event for beginners) however the destination has descents of different levels so that those who accompany us during these ten days have an adventure guaranteed.

This event also summons all those canyoners who want to acquire and/or share knowledge, experiences and technique with the international canyoning community.

Don’t think twice, register and book your spot.

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Speakers and workshop leaders

Well known canyoning leaders and emerging talents

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2003: Aragon, (ESP)
2004: Aragon (ESP)
2005: Nuevo León (MEX)
2006: Mirtos (GRC)
2007: Loutra Ypatis (GRC)
2008: Utah (USA)
2008: Vercors (FRA)
2009: Santa Antao (CPV)
2010: Sardinia (ITA)
2011: Syange (NPL)
2012: Minas Gerais (BRA)
2013: Madeira (PRT)
2014: Mallorca (ESP)
2015: Ouray (USA)
2016: Azores (PRT)
2017: Reunion Island (FRA)
2018: Ticino (CHE)
2019: Antioquia (COL)
2020: Crete (GRC)*
2021: Catalonia-Pyrenees (ESP)*
2022: Praia Grande (BRA)
2023: Catalonia-Pyrenees (ESP)

2024: Agua Blanca de Iturbide (MEX)

*Cancelled due to the COVID pandemic

  • The RIC is an annual international event with multiple objectives. It aims to promote the practice of canyoning throughout the world, to foster development and relations between the country's players, and to provide a meeting place for canyoning enthusiasts and organizations to exchange ideas at technical workshops. It is also the official venue for the FIC's General Assembly.

    Marc Boureau

    Marc Boureau

    President of FIC
  • RIC is a wonderful opportunity to explore new areas of the world, meet like-minded people, and learn new canyoning techniques. For me, it opens up many possibilities for future travel and friendships. I have met people during the RIC that became good friends. Because of them, I can travel around the world and experience their culture. I go to places I have never heard of and perhaps would never think of going to. The RIC opens doors for me. It is a great opportunity.

    Sonny Lawrence

    Sonny Lawrence

    FIC Commissioner - RIC and Events
  • International canyon rendezvous started with a simple idea. Koen Viaene (Belgium) and I wanted to create a venue wherein canyoneers from around the world could come together to share information and ideas to promote our passions for canyoning. We were personally involved with organizing and hosting the rendezvous from 2003 to 2008. Since then, various canyoneers and organizations have been co-sponsoring canyon rendezvous around the planet annually. It is exciting and rewarding to see how far the idea has grown over the years. Canyon rendezvous continue to draw a couple hundred canyoneers from numerous countries around the world each year. They continue to provide opportunities to meet new friends and reunite with friends from past events. There are always new canyons to explore and new techniques to learn. But be careful … participation can be addicting

    Rich Carlson

    Rich Carlson

    Pioneer in the organization of the RIC (2003)
  • For me, the International Canyoning Federation's International Canyoneering Meeting (RIC) is not just an event for canyoneers who meet once a year to discover an area of the world where canyoneering can be practiced. The RIC is the spirit of the explorer who wants to discover unknown places and people. It is the desire to discover the canyons of a place and its people. Make new friends all over the world, contact them, visit them and practice canyoneering while enjoying their company. To weave a network of contacts and friends forever.

    Lluis Domingo

    Lluis Domingo

    FIC Treasurer
  • An international meeting of experienced canyoning athletes, with a duration of 7 days and with a very attractive program of activities, conferences, workshops, rescue drills, space for manufacturers, distributors of material, bookstores, demonstrations, space for professionals, canyoning guides, adventure companies, training schools and national and international qualification. The organization wants to facilitate to all participants the possibility of canyoning at all levels, regardless of the number of days you are with us.

    Xavi Arregui Comisionado FIC - Área Técnica

    Xavi Arregui Comisionado FIC - Área Técnica

    Comisionado FIC - Área Técnica


we are an interdisciplinary team committed to the quality of the event.


Thanks to the support of the institutions involved with us.


A huge thanks to all our amazing friends, we couldn’t have the RIC Mexico without you!

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Event Venue

A rustic place surrounded by canyons and nature.

Agua Blanca de Iturbide, in Hidalgo, Mexico, is a destination with tourist attractions such as its colonial architecture, springs, crystalline rivers and large waterfalls, in addition to its delicious local cuisine. It is an ideal destination to enjoy nature, history and Mexican culture surrounded by fellow canyoneers.

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The base camp for RIC Mexico 2024 will be “Club Xel”, a non-profit organization dedicated, among other activities, to the exploration, dissemination and conservation of the natural and cultural wealth of the Otomí Tepehua mountain range in the states of Hidalgo and Veracruz.

Transport from Mexico City

From Mexico City, take a bus from the north bus terminal to Agua Blanca de Iturbide, Hidalgo, the trip takes 4 hours. From Agua Blanca, take a cab to Club Xel, it takes 15 minutes.

Transport to canyons

The RIC organization will provide transportation service from the event center to the canyons, at scheduled times and with limited space per canyon. If you want more freedom of movement and you already have your group organized you can rent a vehicle on your own, more information here.


 We have parking inside the event venue, with protection and surveillance throughout the event.

Places To Stay

In the municipality of Aguablanca there are numerous lodging offers, which you can consult and book on our lodging help page. As an additional support you can use the official RIC accommodation.

Additional Details

The event venue is located in a rural environment, with basic services, the nearest town is 15 minutes away by car, it is important that you consider this when planning your stay, transfers, supplies, etc. The organization will be happy to provide you with all the information you require to make the most of your visit.