SINCE 2003

Who is FIC?

The Federation for International Canyoning  is an organization that groups recreational canyoning associations from around the world. It was founded in 2014 as the International Amateur Canyoning Association (IAAC) and subsequently in 2016, changed its name to FIC; this (in French) is “Fédération Internationale de Canyonisme”. In English, FIC becomes “Federation for International Canyoning” and in Spanish “Federación internacional de cañonismo” using in all cases the acronym FIC.
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What is the RIC?

The first international canyoneering festival was called “RIC”, which stands for three French words: “Rassemblement Internationale de Canyon” (International Canyoning Meeting).

In 2003, Rich Carlson (USA) and Koen Viaene (Belgium), wanted to create a space where canyoneers from all over the world could meet and share information. Koen went on to organize the first two RICs in Europe. While Rich Carlson organized the first one for North America in Mexico (2005).

Since then, several canyoneers have co-organized with FIC annually canyoneering meetings all over the planet. Usually about 200 people from at least 15 countries attend these events.


FIC takes advantage of the annual organization of the RIC to convene the annual assembly of the organization and hold meetings and discussions on topics of interest in which it is considered that the national organizations that comprise it should participate and influence the generation of documentation that will mark the criteria on which the canyoneering of the present and future will be built.

What about RIC 2024?

This year, the event will take place in Mexico and is being organized by a team of canyoneers who, with a lot of planning, teamwork, and passion, and supported by the bureau of the International Federation of Canyonism (FIC) with their experience and dedication, are the key to making this event a satisfying and memorable adventure for all participants.