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The organization of the RIC MEXICO 2024 will provide all the technical information (slope, length, access, length of rappels, etc.) necessary to the participants so that they can make their own choice about the canyons to be descended each day.

About the canyons to be descended in the RIC MEXICO 2024

The RIC MEXICO 2024 organization has improved the relative condition of the access and exit of some canyons, specific signs will be placed.

Any descent of canyons (entry and descent) is entirely under the responsibility of the groups and individuals participating in the RIC MEXICO 2024.

In fact, canyoning can only be done with the appropriate personal equipment, in particular all the necessary progression equipment for the specific canyon, technical knowledge to allow the descent into the canyon in complete safety, as well as monitoring the conditions

Each participant and each group must verify at least the following points:

        • Individual equipment must be complete and in good working order.
        • The group’s collective equipment for the planned descent (emergency rope and first aid kit, overnight equipment, etc.) must be complete and in good working order.
        •  The knowledge/experience/level of the participants must be sufficient for the planned descent.
        • Physical condition good enough for the planned excursion.
        • Weather conditions (current and forecast) must ensure a safe descent.
        • Water flow must be of an adequate level to guarantee a safe descent at the discretion of the group and the RIC MEXICO 2024 organization.
        • If there is hydroelectric or aquaculture infrastructure: It is necessary to seek advice and obtain authorization to enter the canyon.
        • All these points are the individual responsibility of each participant and each group. The organization of RIC MEXICO 2024 declines all responsibility in this respect.

The canyons proposed for the RIC MEXICO are only for autonomous and independent “canyoners”, with good technical knowledge and physical condition (NOT for beginners).

However, you can participate as “Guest” by attending the event without descending the canyons.

Proposed canyons for RIC MEXICO 2024

Each proposed canyon has been reviewed by the organization, i.e.: parking lots, access road, anchorages, return, possible escapes, etc.

However, as the canyons are subject to river level rises, landslides, falling rocks or trees, among other types of deterioration, the organization cannot guarantee safety in terms of access, material or securing.

  • Therefore, each participant:
      • Is responsible for checking the access points, the situation as he/she advances through the canyon and each individual anchor point.
      • Must be fully equipped with all the necessary equipment to face the descent of the canyon (in addition to having the relevant training) and be prepared to give up or escape from the canyon in case of the slightest doubt.
      • The sketches (canyon topos) and access information will be included in the information booklet given to all participants of RIC MEXICO 2024, to minimize traffic jams and improve the flow in the canyons, the access schedule and the number of canyoneers per day in the canyons, will be managed by the RIC MEXICO 2024 regulation team and must be consulted the day before at the OTIC (Technical Office of attention to canyonists) installed within the facilities of Club XEL.
      •  This team will not be responsible for the viability of a canyon with respect to weather conditions or the level of river flow.
      • Each participant will assume personal responsibility and the responsibility of his or her group in this regard.
      • These canyons are only for autonomous and independent canyoneers, with good technical knowledge and physical condition (NOT for beginners)
      • Each group will have a leader who will notify the OTIC (Technical Office of attention to the canyoneer) about the time of access and departure of the group, in addition to ensuring that the group is prepared to spend a night in the canyon in case of emergency.
      • Participants must have sufficient food, sufficient ropes (3 times the maximum length of the highest rappel), as well as complete personal gear.

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